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Posted on 09/21/2022 @ 9:49 | 43 views

We’re super stoked to announce that we’re going on our very first European tour! Even better, supporting our brothers in BLOODBOUND, which we’ve been friends with since the beginning and have already performed together in Japan! Extra points of cool to have ARION and TUNGSTEN along for an awesome line up of Power Metal!

Thank you so much Mike and Volkmar at Decibel Touring for putting this together!


+ TUNGSTEN (replacing VEONITY)

28.02.2023 (DE) BERLIN Hole 44
01.03.2023 (DE) MÜNCHEN Backstage Halle
02.03.2023 (CH) WETZIKON Hall of Fame
03.03.2023 (FR) COLMAR Le Grillen
04.03.2023 (BE) VORSELAAR De Dreef
05.03.2023 (DE) NÜRNBERG Hirsch
06.03.2023 (DE) MANNHEIM 7er Club
07.03.2023 (DE) ASCHAFFENBURG Colos-Saal
08.03.2023 (DE) HAMBURG Bahnhof Pauli
09.03.2023 (DE) SIEGBURG Kubana
10.03.2023 (DE) ESSEN Turock
11.03.2023 (NL) HENGELO Metropool
12.03.2023 (DE) KASSEL Goldgrube


Posted on 10/11/2016 @ 17:55 | 1.899 views

Multi finger tapping! That’s gotta be the one technique I get the most questions about! Here’s a pretty cool lick which you can use and adapt to your own style for days. Musically, it is really simple, just a Pentatonic shape using both hands. As usual, start as slow as you can play flawlessly and work it up to about 180 BPM! The tab is available right here at Have fun!

Lick Of The Week · News

Posted on 10/05/2016 @ 15:54 | 1.735 views

For a few years now, I scroll through Youtube and find a “Lick of the week”, which I make myself play and learn. I’ve found that it helps my playing immensely. That gave me the idea to make my own, and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it. This is the first one and I’ve named it “The Djent Destroyer”. The tab is available right here at Have fun!

Lick Of The Week · News

Posted on 08/31/2016 @ 15:13 | 1.247 views

I’ve just released an official guitar playthrough video for one of my favorite songs, Time To Rise. I wrote it last year with singer Tommy Vext (WESTFIELD MASSACRE, ex-DIVINE HERESY, ex-SNOT) and it turned out just great! Check out the video on my Youtube channel ( or the directly on the window below:


Posted on 06/15/2016 @ 22:07 | 1.224 views

I have so many people involved at this point, I just can’t imagine this not being great. I spent a few days in Sweden with SCAR SYMMETRY’s Per Nilsson working on a few tunes. Currently I’m checking out some killer singer submissions. I’m really looking forward to putting out some teasers